Hand assembled screenprint paper frame with a lithograph print. Printed on BFK cotton paper. Measures 5 "x 5"


New studio space

Today, I picked up my keys to my new studio space at Goldmark Cultural Center in Dallas TX.

Im soo excited to be working and sharing this space with good friend and talented artist Eliana Miranda.

Theres no time to waste. We’re moving in and setting up the space.

There’s so much to do to get this space ready, but hopefully itll be up & running in no time. If your ever in Dallas, let me know & stop by the studio. We’d love to show you around.

#goldmarkculturalcenter #gmcc #dallasartists


New studio posts uploading tonight!!

Theres soo much to catch up on about this month here in the studio and soo much good news and art work is coming out of the studio like crazy. So stay tuned, ill be catching up tonight on all the good stuff and new art work daily. Thanks for checking my page & taking time to read. 💗 Im excited to share about whats planned for this summer.

Tejano: The Border Crossed Us

This year I co-organized a themed portfolio for SGCI in Dallas, Tx. Leigh Garcia and myself selected a talented group of Chicano/ LatinX, Tejano, printmakers for this exchange. TCU in Ft. Worth featured the exhibition of this portfolio. This portfolio will be part of the TCU Print Collection and the SGCI Archives at the Zuckerman Museum.